Students enrolled in our elementary program are challenged to think critically and creatively while applying a Kingdom worldview to every area of life. Our certified faculty ensures that each student is challenged to reach their full academic potential. Academic rigor, active engagement, project learning and the incorporation of technology are integrated into our curriculum.

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Our core class curriculum:

Reading and Language Arts teach the fundamentals of communication through written, spoken and oral instruction to expand students’ social development, citizenship and leadership skills.

The mastering of logical and critical thinking skills are vital components of our mathematics program. Our math and science curricula are aligned to prepare students for future careers in medicine, engineering and architecture.

Our science program provides students with a sound foundation for understanding life science, earth science, physical science, the human body, space and technology.

Students learn practical geography and research skills through a variety of online and printed resources. Our program places a special emphasis on global awareness and an understanding of African American history and culture.

We teach fine arts as an expression of worship and a reflection of the creative nature of God. Fine arts provides the necessary creativity and hands-on activities that enhance learning and provides an outlet for students to express their gifts and talents.

Fun, age-appropriate activities are built into our physical education classes to promote wellness and sports-specific skills. Students learn the basics of strength training, flexibility, endurance and hand-eye coordination. The goal is for our students develop healthy lifestyles that promote physical fitness.

Our Spanish classes are lively, interactive and biblically based.

Our theme-based weekly chapels provide an outlet for our students to experience God and worship together as a student body. Students learn the Word of God and are equipped to apply biblical truths to their everyday lives.

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