Welcome to Kingdom Collegiate Academy (KCA)

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship has acquired KCA DeSoto (formerly Canterbury Episcopal School) to join forces with KCA Dallas (formerly Fellowship Christian Academy) to be the premier providers of private school collegiate education with a Kingdom worldview under the supporting structure of Kingdom Collegiate Academy.

Our academy provide exceptional academic, fine arts and athletic experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds. Our shared academic strengths, expertise and resources have established KCA as the premier provider of private school collegiate education. As such, KCA affords students a head start when entering college and the opportunity to explore career interests in a meaningful way while still in high school.

KCA is dedicated to guiding, supporting and ensuring our academy—

  • Comply with our mission, core values and biblical philosophy.
  • Maintain high academic standards and expectations from our teachers and students.
  • Manage effectively the resources provided by Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and partnering organizations.
  • Forge strategic partnerships that afford additional educational opportunities and experiences for our students.


  • Receive an exceptional collegiate education using 21st Century learning strategies.
  • Are taught in active learning environments equipped with cutting-edge technology.
  • Can gain career experience in multiple industries.
  • Become well-rounded individuals through a balance of rigorous academics and extracurricular engagements and sports.
  • Are able to apply a Kingdom worldview of life that impacts the culture.
Join Kingdom Collegiate Academies (KCA) at their Open House, Saturday, February 10, from 10 to 11 am at their desoto campus.