We take a discovery learning approach that combines current research in early childhood education and technology to fully captivate our students in learning. Our curriculum is rich with classical education combined with state-of-the-art innovation learning tools. It is designed to evoke curiosity and encourage engagement.

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Our core class curriculum:

Our literacy program uses the Frog Street curriculum. We incorporate literacy experiences in our play-based learning centers, storytelling, songs and educational games.

Students learn to identify numbers, count and create patterns. Shapes are identified and relationships, measurements and numeracy are introduced.

Our science program encourages experimentation and instills a sense of curiosity and wonder. Students learn scientific principles through observing, comparing, classifying, measuring and predicting. Our STEAM focus incorporates technology and acquaints students with smart devices.

Spanish is integrated throughout the Frog Street curriculum.

Students are taught music, movement and rhythm to develop sensory motor skills and bring out a child’s natural sense of creativity. The following basic music concepts are explored: steady beat, sound sources, rhythmic speech and movement and voice.

We teach fine arts as an expression of worship and a reflection of the creative nature of God. Fine arts provides the necessary creativity and hands-on activities that enhance learning and provides an outlet for students to express their gifts and talents.

Fun, age-appropriate activities are built into our physical education classes to promote wellness and sports-specific skills. Students learn the basics of strength training, flexibility, endurance and hand-eye coordination. The goal is to have our students develop healthy lifestyles that promote physical fitness. Tricycles are a part of the child’s daily recreational and physical education experience.

Our chapels are theme-based and provide an outlet for our students to experience God and worship together as a student body. Students learn the Word of God and are equipped to apply biblical truths to their everyday lives.

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